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I'll have to give this a listen. There's a line in a Lloyd Cole song about "listening to Arthur Lee records" and I never knew who he was.

I recognize that line! Is it from "Ready to Be Heartbroken"?

If you like the two tracks I've included here, you'll like the album.

I think on reflection I'll retreat a bit from what I say here about nothing from the last two years of the '60s being as good as Forever Changes. Jethro Tull's Stand Up might be as good.

Jethro Tull! I think I like Benefit more than Stand Up, but they are both great!!

Is it from "Ready to Be Heartbroken"?


I agree that Benefit is just as good in some sort of absolute sense. Stand Up has just always struck some kind of personal emotional chord with me that Benefit doesn't, but that's just my taste.

Finally was able to listen to these. A good bit too "60's" for me, really, but quite well done. Easily as good, if not better, than some of the more well-known stuff from that period. I can see why you like it.

That bass lick that begins "You Set the Scene" is pretty dated or rather lame. Bass didn't really get recorded very well at that time. Or maybe it was just the sound the bass players preferred--trebly enough to be heard on bad equipment, car radios and such.

By the way I've listened to the new Slowdive several times fairly attentively now, and it is really, really good.

Yes, it is. I've been going back and forth between it, Angel Olsen, and a band my 15 y.o. nephew recommended to me, Hibou, which is like shoegaze for teenyboppers. LOL

Can't remember if you like Beach House, but their new one is coming out next month and the first single, "Chariot," is quite good.

The new single from the forthcoming National album, which is scheduled for Sept., is also very good. "The System Dreams of Darkness" or something like that. Worth a listen.

I do like both those groups, but I think not as much as you do.

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