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I have always been anti-jamband but I must confess that the Allmans are one that sounds real good to me whenever I hear them. I guess it really is Gregg's voice, as you alluded to in your post. I have never listened to this album in its entirety but of course the music is ubiquitous in classic rock circles. Weirdly, I first came to know the song "Whipping Post" through some Frank Zappa live album rendition of it. Isn't the Fillmore version supposed to be the one to hear, all 22 minutes of it?

Not necessarily. Depends on whether you just want to hear the song, which is excellent, or a jam based on it. I've heard that Zappa version, or anyway one version by him. I was very surprised. Thought he might clown it up somehow but he doesn't. Unusual for him ( in my experience).

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