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I like both these a lot. The "three feet thick" remark is very apt.

Yeah, I'm not familiar with any other early 80's recordings that are so sparse in their instrumentation yet so "fat" sounding.

For some reason "Be Brave" reminded me of Neil Young's "Oh Susanna."

If Young's "Oh Susanna" sounds like Shocking Blue's "Venus," you are not mistaken. The tune came from a 1963 song by the Big Three (featuring Cass Elliot) called "The Banjo Song," which is Stephen Foster's lyrics set to a new tune. Shocking Blue borrowed the tune and changed the words. Young used Big Three's "The Banjo Song," but called it "Oh Susanna."

I love this kind of obscure trivia.

Never heard the Neil Young song. Might have a chance to listen later.

For anyone who liked this album I'd recommend the Angels' 1987 record Chasing Shadows. The three albums they did between Sleep No More and Chasing Shadows were kind of weak in my opinion, but the latter reverts to Sleep's heavier darker style.

I was pretty in-tune with 'alternative' music in the late 80's so how I missed this one I don't know. Glad I found it now though.

I have to confess that I haven't listened to this one, even though I like the tracks you posted. Too much music...

I have about 20 episodes of Austin City Limits recorded and need to free some space on the dvr, so I'm trying to watch them. Yesterday it was Spoon and White Denim (half hour each). Not my cup of tea, either one, although they're very good musicians. But I find that I'm really put off by extravagant I'm-in-ecstasy-or-agony writhing and flailing on the part of rock musicians.

Don't think I've ever heard of either of those.

And yes, those sorts of histrionic performances annoy me too. I don't mind musos showing that they're "getting into it," but some of it is just silly.

What bothers me is that it seems false. Maybe it's not, but that's the way it comes across to me.

Here's a good example: this is one of my favorite new songs from the last few years, and in this video the singer comes close to, but doesn't cross the line for me. In this case I think the intensity is authentic and he really is caught up in the moment -- having been on stage in such circumstances myself I know the feeling. But it is very easy to veer over into a false type of showmanship, although I don't get the sense that that's what's going on here. Berninger just seems like an intense guy.


Oh yeah, that's well within the believable for me. I'm thinking of the much more exaggerated ones. I don't have any examples at hand but there were some moments in that ACL episode that provoked that reaction in me. Obviously I can't know what's actually contrived and what's not, but some of it strikes me that way.

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