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What a great review, Michael. Other than the wife comparison your story sounds a lot like me originally coming across Hounds of Love, buying it (I think I also initially owned it on cassette, now I have a CD) and falling in love with not only her voice and the songs, but also with her. Every time I listen to it (and I have recently) it just seems to sound better and better. The rest of her catalog is okay, but Hounds of Love is outstanding!

I think there are a lot of men of a certain age who fell in love with her in their teens or twenties. :-) I was not one of them but I get it.

I was already 40 or so when I first heard her, but I had heard about her before that. In the late '80s I was on the Internet precursor to the web (text-only discussion groups). It was mostly young or fairly young techies and there was a group devoted to Kate worship.

As with Jane Siberry and The Cure (previous 52 Album posts), I was introduced to Kate's music by a co-worker ca 1989. He lent me a CD of The Whole Story, a sort of best-of at that point in her career. I liked it a lot (and made a cassette copy!) but years went by before I heard any more of her work. Then it was also a cassette, even though it was probably the early 2000s by then--a cutout of Hounds of Love. I saw it and thought "I always meant to investigate more of her work." Then of course I was knocked out when I listened to it. I don't think I like it quite as much as y'all do, but it is really, really good. Still haven't heard all her other stuff. I like the more recent Aerial a lot though it's not nearly as striking as Hounds.

Sometime in the mid-80s right after this album came out me and a friend were driving home from college. I had Hounds of Love in the cassette deck. Vince had drifted off in the passenger seat and there's the one song where Kate whispers "Wake up" and he sort of jerked awake thinking that I had been the one to say that. :)

In the early nineties I made a five hour bus trip from Plymouth to London to commit a student to a looney bin in his home town near his parents. He thought Miss Bush was trying to get in touch with him, about marriage

If only someone could have had Kate Bush call you afterwards, and ask for that student by name...

Poor guy. Love does make people crazy but usually not that crazy.

I think her voice is off-putting.

I think it's great. But even if one doesn't like it, it certainly has remarkable range and variety.

Not much to add here. I think it's one of the best albums of the 80's and probably on my top 20 or 25 list of all time favorites.

I'm posting the link below with some trepidation. If Michael (or somebody) not written about Hounds of Love, I was going to recycle this post of mine from 2006. That was in the early days of the blog, and I was doing a Music of the Week post. For a few months I was playing reviewer of the AMG or Rolling Stone sort and giving each album a letter grade. I stopped doing it for reasons explained at the end of this post. I am really tempted to edit out the grade now, because it's embarrassing, but that seems a bit dishonest.


I actually haven't heard Hounds of Love since I wrote that. I was going to listen to it again before re-posting this review.

I'm finding a number of these old reviews that I'd forgotten about. Here's what I said about Sgt. Pepper ten years ago:


If I were forced to pick Kate Bush's best album I would have to pick Hounds of Love. It's not her most consistent (that would be The Dreaming - which I would rate higher if it weren't so creepy). It doesn't have my favorite songs (that would be Never Forever - Babooshka, Delius, and Blow Away, if anyone cares :)). But it does have what I would say are her best songs (Cloudbusting, Jig of Life, and Hello Earth).

It does have one real clunker - Mother Stands for Comfort. And Watching You Without Me is pretty bland.

One song that is better than a few on the album is the B-side to Running Up That Hill - Under the Ivy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aApspl6na0E)

Mac, I'm not sure why you're embarrassed by the rating - the idea of a grade might be a bit simplistic, but it's pretty common, and I think you're grade is sopt on :).

Spot on, dammit!

I sorta like "sopt". :-)

I'm embarrassed because it seems so presumptuous and sort of petty. Star ratings don't seem so much that way.

I only recently heard The Dreaming for the first time, and was distracted. Definitely interesting.

Hounds of Love is number 37 in a list of "The 150 greatest albums made by women" published by NPR yesterday.


I thought "Should be higher, but 37 is not so bad." Then I saw some of the stuff that places higher. Sheesh.

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