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Does Rawlings use nylon strings on his guitar? That would make a difference in the sound too. I've seen them live a couple times, but it's been years, and I can't remember. I know that he does bend notes a lot, especially in his solos.

Acony Bell is one of my favorites of hers. Most extraordinary little piece...gotten me through some dark nights.

Well now they have the Dave Rawlings Machine, so they each have their own band, but they're in both of them.

This might be my favorite album. I love all the songs, and I love the guitar. Don't think I usually notice the guitar very much, but here, I do. I love to sing along, and this one is perfect for me because her range is pretty close to mine.


They are really great, and this is a great album.

I would put it up there with almost anything by anybody in the past 50 years or so. Certainly as good as anything that, for instance, Joni Mitchell has done. Not as complex maybe but that's not the only thing.

I'm fairly certain that's a steel-string guitar. I think of his bending is more of a vibrato, sort of a twist. At any rate I don't remember hearing those full half-step and more bends that blues and rock players do.

I remember liking Acony Bell but haven't heard it for a long time.

Poor Joni Mitchell, she gets slapped down by Mac! Though she has gotten quite grumpy in her dotage.

That wasn't intended as a slap! It's praising GW for coming up to Joni Mitchell's level, not criticizing Joni, whom I consider a major artist. Although she does seem to have sort of a big ego so she might take it that way.

Rawlings has a technique in which when he hits a bad note he immediately bends it to where it's not bad anymore. It's more prominent when he's playing live. And they tend to be fast bends, not the slower ones you hear in a lot of rock and blues.

When I first heard him live I thought this was intentional, but the more I listened I came to the conclusion that he was basically auto-correcting on the fly.

Gosh, that would be awfully hard to do.

I listened to "Time the Revelator" yesterday, listening for what you're talking about, and there are a lot of little slurs that I hadn't really noticed before. Probably not the corrections you're talking about, just little expressive twists, more pronounced than vibrato, that

Iirc, there's a live version of "Time..." on Youtube where it's more noticeable.

I'll have an album piece for you tonight if you need one for Thursday, btw.

I'll be more than happy to have it. I've started one so I wouldn't end up copying and pasting an old one on Wednesday night, but it's barely begun.

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