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Good piece, Paul. Although I haven't listened to this album lately, I remember playing it a lot back when it came out.

"Annan Waters" is my favourite of Kate Rusby's songs; she sings it so beautifully.

I should go back and listen to this whole record again; I'd forgotten about "The Drowned Lovers". Anais Mitchell did a wonderful version of this song that I actually prefer to Kate's: here.

I also love Kate Rusby's Christmas records, of which there are a few. They are a nice mix of unusual and familiar, and they sound joyful.

I've not heard Nic Jones's version of "Annan Water" but J.W. Harding did a nice version on his Jones tribute album Trad Arr Jones.

She's in the heard-of-but-not-heard group for me. Still haven't heard her. I'm so busy that I didn't even have time to listen to the songs in this post. Maybe tonight.

I didn't know Anais Mitchell. She's not bad, but that's not a patch on our Kate.

Her best is on a different album, though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3B2mntKAZo

Wow, that's beautiful. I've loved that song since I heard it on Joan Baez's Farewell Angelina (though I was never a huge admirer of her voice).

The songs/performances in the post are excellent, too.

A totally different approach to the song, from Van Morrison. This used to be the only song I really liked from his disappointing Hard Nose the Highway album, and I think I like it even better now.


I love Van Morrison's way with that song too, and I like this live version, also from 1973, even more:


Yeah, I might agree. I was expecting not to like it as much as the album version but it's certainly at least as good. Beautiful.

No real connection but speaking of Van, a friend sent me this a couple weeks ago.


I read that "Vanlose Stairway" is the song Van has performed more often in concert than any other. This surprised me.

Good heavens. I had no idea he could yodel.

As far as I can remember I've never heard this song before.

I don't remember exactly which but it's from either Into the Music or Beautiful Vision.

I was careful to say "as far as I can remember" because I know I've heard at least three or four of his albums just once or twice without their leaving much of an impression. Pretty sure it's not Into the Music because I have that one, and like most of it.

"I know I've heard at least three or four of his albums just once or twice without their leaving much of an impression."

Yeah, same with me. Plus some of those late 70's/early 80's albums kind of run together in my head. I know Inarticulate Speech of the Heart really well, as that's the first Van record I ever bought, but the other ones not so much.

It is on Beautiful Vision. I see it came out right after Common One. I definitely heard it once or twice, but as I was saying earlier, not much of an impression.

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