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I haven't heard this album, except for several of the tracks posted here (didn't have time to listen to them all). But I really like the one Mountain Goats album I have, Tallahassee, and have wanted to hear more of their work for a long time. Tallahassee is a bitter but often funny picture of a disintegrating marriage. John Darnielle will never set the world on fire strictly for his music but he's one of the best lyricists around. One song starts off "My love is like..." but it's not like a rose:

"My love is like a powder keg
My love is like a powder keg
In the corner of an empty warehouse
Somewhere just outside of town
About to burn down"

Probably an unanswerable question, but why does your son only listen to this band?

I've been listening to only Tom Petty since he died, which amounts to one CD a day to and from work. Although I'm enjoying it, I think I would very quickly get sick of his voice if that's all I heard. :)

I would never have gotten the Batcave reference in "Rain in Soho".

"No one broke D.B. Cooper's fall"--in case you don't know, D.B. Cooper in 1971 hijacked an airliner, collected a million dollars in extortion money, and bailed out of the plane over an area of mostly wilderness in Washington (state). He was never found.


I never had any enthusiasm for Tom Petty's work. Those famous singles that I've heard on the radio are good but...I don't know, just never made me want to hear them again, or hear more of his work.

What a grouch.

No disrespect intended. Just not my cup of tea.

He is a very good lyricist. The main enjoyment of the songs is the words, which of course it's impossible to focus on when driving. He also has a very engaging stage presence.

My own musical tastes have always been very eclectic. I don't really know why my eldest listens to little else. His only reply when I asked was "Eh. If you have to ask ...". I suspect he's not alone, though. Last week a podcast began publication under the title "I only listen to the Mountain Goats".

That podcast looks enjoyable, but whenever I have a chance to listen to something it's always music instead of anything spoken.

Darnielle's singing will never set the world on fire, either, but it's perfect for his lyrics.

A band called The Heligoats played in Mobile a while back and his singing/voice reminds me of them. I enjoyed their show a lot.

I think I must have heard of D. B. Cooper, but for some reason I had a vague idea it was the name of a gangster of the Al Capone type (and period).

I've not heard The Mountain Goats but will check these links out for sure.

There was a movie about D.B. Cooper but I never saw it. I'm thinking it was late 70's or early 80's.

Re: Tom Petty, I wasn't a fan, but he did put out some good songs over the years, and I was sad to see someone like him pass at such a relatively young age.

Tom Petty died?

He had a heart attack a few days ago, and apparently died in the hospital. He was 66.

Richard Petty however is 80 and apparently doing fine.

Oh, and by the way, also in case y'all don't know, Andrew Eldritch (ha) is/was the main guy in a goth band called The Sisters of Mercy. I have one of their albums, actually. Like Paul, I like certain aspects of the goth aesthetic.

There are 18 Mountain Goats albums listed at Allmusic and only four of them get less than four stars (out of five). Only one gets less than three.


I'd agree with their highlighting of The Sunset Tree.

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