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I'm with you on Stalker. I was very disappointed as well. I've seen four Tarkovsky films and the only one that I've liked is Andrei Rublev.

I'm perversely glad to hear it--that it's not just me. I deliberately did not read any criticism at all about it before watching it, and am interested in reading some now.

I saw Stalker a couple of weeks ago and simply loved it. I thought it was stunningly beautiful.

Well, there you go. De gustibus etc. I thought the opening five or ten minutes was very beautiful. After that...not.

Six or seven people from theology were there and we were just stunned by the beauty of it.The boys from the Jesuit house said they sat up for three hours talking about it.

Talking about it for three hours I can see. Being stunned by the beauty I can't see. Actually I'm thinking not so much "de gustibus" as "no accounting for taste".

Look & See, A Portrait of Wendell Berry from Robert Redford and Terrence Malick now streaming on Netflix, or so I am told. I can't get on Netflix from this computer.


I saw that the other day too -- forgot to mention it. Not available on DVD yet, afaik.

Yes, it is there.

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