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Thanks for posting this, Mac.

Btw, I noticed that when I clicked on the clip it didn't start at the beginning for some reason -- must be some quirk in the link -- so if anyone's planning to listen to it you're going to want to make sure you run the clip back to start, if desired.

It's not doing that for me. It first shows the name of the orchestra briefly, then starts in rather abruptly with the soloist playing a long ascending run and the rest of the orchestra standing there. As far as I can tell that's the actual opening. It's what I get when I go to YouTube and search for the video. Odd.

I didn't have time to listen to it when I posted this, except for the first few minutes, which are very promising. I said I had a recording of this but I was mistaken. The only Vasks I have is a collection of shorter pieces. Which I blush to say I have not really listened to. I think it was an impulse discount purchase.

Yes, if you got the orchestra name that's the beginning. The piece does start with that long ascending solo run. When I clicked on it the first time this morning it started at the 7:00 mark for some reason, however. Like I said, probably just some glitch.

I've listened to it now and it is a beautiful piece. I also found that I do have it--it's just not on cd, but mp3, a recording by Katarina Andreasson and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra.

New Vasks CD: just got it in the mail Friday so haven't had the chance to listen yet. Maybe tonight.


I didn't know about it but I just looked and I have it, too. :-) That is to say, it's on Tidal, the streaming service I subscribe to. It's possible that I may never buy another cd. The problem with some releases though is that I'd like to have the liner notes.

Yeah, I'm that way too. Liner notes, lyrics, etc. I just like having an actual "thing." I never realized how much I missed the "tangible-ness" of the music-buying process until I started acquiring vinyl again last year (after a nearly 30 year break).

I agree but the liking for the actual thing was greatly undermined by the cd. Tiny print, art work too small to make much of an impact, etc. I've missed it, but had long since gotten over it until I started this "LPs from the closet" thing. Specifically, when I took out Joni Mitchell's Hissing of Summer Lawns album. It's *so* beautifully and usefully packaged. So much so that it caused me to break my vow against buying any more vinyl: I went to the local record store and bought a used copy of Mingus (hers, not one of his).

But I have SO much music, and am so old, that with the streaming services available I question whether I actually need to *own* any more music in any form. There will always be a few things but I really expect to limit my purchasing greatly.

I've sold, traded, or donated so many CD's and LP's over the past few years that I don't mind picking up new ones occasionally. I don't buy nearly as many as I used to, so I'm not anywhere close to "replacement" numbers, and probably never will be.

The Vasks disc is great, btw. Tracks 2 and 5 are especially lovely.

My problem is that I can't get rid of a recording unless I can convince myself that I will *never* want to hear it again. The part of me that needs convincing puts up quite a fight.

I will give the Vasks a listen.

Funny -- that's the way I am with books. I hate getting rid of them because "I may want to read that someday."

At least I've made some progress in avoiding buying them for that reason. But a lot of that is due to lack of shelf space.

Books are a little easier for me because in most cases I can figure that it would be possible to get them from the library. Not so with music.

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