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Well, you managed to come up with an artist of whom I had never heard, as far as I had remember. Definitely never heard of this album. On the basis of these songs, it's not exactly my cup of tea, but with all that praise it ought to be worth checking out.

I am of course partial to Texas singer songwriters, but I do think this album is different. The key thing is that you have to listen to it all, a single or two doesn't really cut it. It is a long 80 minute experience of differing types of music, and odd subject matter for a West Texas guy.

And one more time, "War Eagle!"

You are bad, Stu.

If that were really an Aubie I would be offended, but it's only a misanthrope. I shall do my best to pull for Auburn in the SEC championship tomorrow in spite of such low taunting.

One thing I can say I really like about the album is the cover. It's on Pandora so I will give it a listen.

A sports misanthrope, that is.

Children, children! All this fuss over a bunch of big men throwing and kicking ball around.

Next year, the Irish!

Oh, it's not fuss, just a bit of snark. Aubie may reappear as Dawg.

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