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Your third book can be titled Mac Horton: Musings on Mortality, with a forward written by Judge Roy Moore.

That last part is just for a chuckle, not that you have anything to do with the lunatic :)

I have, from the age of about 40,considered buying a burial plot in a Catholic cemetery, but since moving to Texas, and having no idea where we will go, or where we're likely to die, there's just no point at all.

I went to pray for souls at the only Catholic cemetery I know of - about an hour away - the other day. It was a beautiful piece of land, not very large, with many trees, but still probably only half full. The prominent names were Wagner, Mock, and another German sounding name. Also featured was Klein.

Thoughts about death and personal possessions make me want to go and madly declutter!

Also, the statue of the Sacred Heart was very comforting.

Do you live near Klein, Texas where Lyle Lovett is from, Louise?

The Klein that founded that town is an ancestor of his.

That's a real claim to fame.

"Judge Roy Moore"--Stu, do you remember Judge Roy Bean's, a bar in Daphne? Maybe when Moore's facade collapses and he reveals himself to be a wild party guy, he can open a bar in that location.

Did anyone ever see The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean? I remember one seen where he shoots a guy and you can see daylight through the hole in his back. I saw it in high school back in the mid 1970s.

I may have seen it but I don't remember that. Could have been some other movie that included him.

re: Judge Roy Bean bar - I had heard about it Mac, but never been there before it was gone. Have not seen the movie Robert, but that sounds like a good scene!

I'm so old I remember watching the TV series, Judge Roy Bean, shortly after we got our first TV set in 1955.

I bet that's what I'm remembering instead of a movie. That's about the time we got our first tv, too.

Hi Stu, yes I'm about a 30 minute drive from Klein. I didn't know that about Lyle Lovett.

The cemetery I went to is probably about an hour north of Klein, just FYI.

I meant to say earlier, Louise: good luck with the decluttering. It's difficult. I've been intending for months to empty out one of my two desks but every time I pick up anything from it I can't decide what to do with it.

I guess eventually you put it back in the desk...

Of course.

Thanks Maclin. It's not easy to just get rid of stuff!

I sometimes wonder if a big bonfire would help :)

You know what's really weird about this SNJ? It's November 12. November 12! And now it's 3 days later. Augh!


I know exactly what you mean. What's more, tomorrow is Thursday.

I need some help in wording something and y'all seem to be the people who might be able to help.

We have new hymnals, and people are going to donate gifts in memory of or in honor of somebody. So, it's memorials and ?????.

What would you call the donations in honor of someone?

I keep thinking that 5 years ago I could have figured this out.


Hmm. Maybe just "honors"? "Honorific" conventionally refers titles.

And "honorarium" refers to money.

Yes, that is my problem. I thought for sure that honorarium would be it, but I found it would not. It will just have to sound awkward.


Sorry, I can't think of anything.

testimonials, commemorations...

celebration, dedication...

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