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I forgot to mention in the piece that "Takk" means "thanks."

Also I see that I left out a word in the penultimate paragraph. "Fitting" should appear between "very" and "way."

So for posting this I guess I can say, "Takk, Mac!"

[you're welcome in Icelandic]

I've corrected that sentence. I have grandsons in custody so am not at liberty to say much. I really haven't listened to this album very much, although I've had it for a while. Another casualty of music overload. But on brief acquaintance I think I will really like it.

Heima is a really beautiful film, even apart from the music. I think I'll watch it again sometime before too long.

Several years ago, I watched Heima on someone's recommendation, either Rob's or Maclin's I'm sure, and thought it was really wonderful. So beautiful, and I really liked the members of the band. They were so much real people and not the self-important celebrities that we are used to.

The scene where they are performing outside with snow on the ground--or some indication that it's cold, cold--was rather amazing to me. How do play guitar when your hands are that frozen?


Beats me. I'm not a real guitar player but whatever little ability I do have is noticeably diminished if my hands are even uncomfortably chilly, let alone frozen. ;-)

And yes, it's true, at least at that point in their career the guys in Sigur Ros had no Rock Star vibe about them at all. But then it's not Rock music either.

So nice to end the year on a record that I bought years ago after someone on LODW recommended it

I'm going to be offline through at least Monday evening, so wanted to wish everyone a blessed, safe Christmas! Cheers.

Likewise to you, and to everyone.

Grumpy, it was probably Rob who made that recommendation. At the time I don't think I'd even heard it. I think I'm going to agree with his view of it though. By the way this is not the last one--#52 will appear next week.

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