52 Albums, Week 51: Takk... (Sigur Rós)
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I love it.


Good! Didn't think people would, actually.

This is great!

Thank you. I was sort of expecting people to think it was too gloomy.

There's some odd psychology here somewhere.


I know. That's why I was sort of expecting other people not to like it.

At first I had this Great Gatsby thing going on, but now the more I look at it, the more it says exterminate.


Now that would never have crossed my mind.

The basic impulse is "Merry Christmas anyway."

It just came over me all of a sudden this morning.

I just really liked that blue light.


It occurred to me after writing this that the two series we are discussing both star former Doctors.


And Beth is going to be the next Doctor.

Reminds me of a Miracle Legion song:

"There's a little blue light/that keeps me up all night"

Anyways, I like the pic!

Glad you do.

I'm surprised that nobody pointed out that this post was incorrectly titled "December 25". I just corrected it.

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