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I really enjoyed this post, and I remember many trips when I wished a family member or friend had been along with me to see the things I was seeing. I have to admit, tough, that receiving a bunch of wilted lilies from someone might dampen any great affection I had been feeling for a suitor.


Enjoyed the poem and enjoyed your reflection, Paul. Lord Byron is of course great. I have fond memories of "Don Juan" from college.

I think the wilted lilies are very romantic in a Goth sort of way.

If you had ever sat in the adoration chapel for two hours with wilted lilies, they would lose all romance for you. And you might lose your last meal.


"Lilies that fester..." Yes. But couldn't they just be wilted, without being rotten? That's what I envision, anyway.


Thanks all.

I have experience of stinking, rotting lilies, but would they not wilt elegantly if kept dry? (The way roses do)

It sounds like Janet suffered a trauma, so we'd better be careful not to trigger her.

Fair point.

Y'all are true friends.


I'm thinking about getting an emotional support animal--but not a dog--maybe a goldfish.


My goodness, that made me laugh.

"Enjoyed the poem and enjoyed your reflection, Paul."

Ditto. Although I wouldn't have pegged the poem as Byron at first. More wistful than most of the things by him that I've read (not that it's been all that much, mind you).

Janet, government help may be on the way--see today's SNJ. But I guess if it's an emergency you should go ahead with the fish.

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