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As soon as I got a few lines into this I thought "Surely this is a translation." It's pretty un-Hopkins-ian. I like your reflection on it more than I like the poem.

Very moving, Janet. The poem and your reflection.

Oh, I see that link just takes you to the YouTube video. If you are looking for the breviary hymns, try here.


I was a little puzzled as to what you meant by "this last link". Was that meant to be the link you just posted? If so I can fix it. I'm pretty sure there were only the two video links in your document.

Maybe I should have said "the previous link."

That would be nice.


Yes, it seemed to mean "the previous link", but since the previous link was to YouTube I was puzzled. Anyway...you would like the first link to go to that blog post, right?



Ok, it's changed now. I also took the liberty of changing "this last link" to "that link". Maybe it's just me but I was not sure whether "last" was meant to refer to the one in the previous paragraph or the one in the next paragraph, which is also the last one in the post.

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