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I just heard someone read this--in the last two weeks at most. It was in a show I was watching--maybe Endeavour.


Yes, it was Endeavour. I meant to mention that in the post, but I did well to get it posted at all, with grandchildren in residence. That's what reminded me of the poem and made me pick it for this week. It's at the end of the show, the one where most of the story takes place on a military base. Thursday recites a bit of it, without saying what it is. Would have seemed a bit strange if you'd never heard the poem, I would think.

You certainly have done better than I.

I'm really glad you answered so quickly because it would have been driving me crazy. I knew it was an older man, and he was reciting it rather bitterly. I figured it must have been Endeavour because it wasn't the Great British Baking Show and everything else I watched was in Japanese.



I love the way the trees and the bees interrupt that fourth line.

I think we have a Sound and Sense around here somewhere--an older edition than mine was. I'll have to seek it out.


I see that Japonica means having to do with Japan, so that adds a bit more meaning.


I didn't know that. I don't even know if we have japonica around here. Sounds sort of familiar.

I saw a description of the poem that calls it a villanelle. I was surprised at that. I can see that it has some elements of it but I thought an actual villanelle involved strict repetition of lines. At least every one I've ever seen that called itself that was built that way. And for that reason not usually seeming very contrived to me. A loose sort of villanelle, maybe.

Sounds like a line for noir detective fiction. She was a loose sort of villanelle.

Since Japonica is basically an adjective, it could mean a variety of trees and flowers that are quite different from one another. For instance one is a Carmella that looks a lot like your Christmas Camellia, but I don't think that is what he is talking about. There is a small tree with little hanging flowers in clusters. I bet that is it.

Japonica can also apply to Furniture, glassware, lots of stuff. I think I must have first heard it on the Antiques Roadshow.


NOT Carmella. Ugh.


:-) "She was a loose sort of villanelle who caught your eye like japonica blooming in a spring garden. And I was just the bee to fumble with those flowers."

I didn't know japonica was an adjective.

That is great.

It really is a noun but it describes itself. ;-) Sometimes it is used incorrectly as an adjective, as in Japonica antiques, when it out to be Antique Japonica.


"ought" not "out"

Now I am going to write a blog post, and heaven only knows what sort of horrid mistakes I will make. Good thing very few people will read it.


I will.


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