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Those two girls would have been happy with your American money, Mac!

I spose. I didn't know if it would have been a hassle for them to turn my few dollars into something that would spend (as they say in blues lyrics).

I forgot to say that they seemed to be having SO much fun. Ah, youth....

I always hope this won't be about politics, and now I am the cause for its being about politics. ;-) Thanks for the link.


"Truth Well Told" is a good motto.

If I could just borrow a 28 year old body for one afternoon a week, it would be so great.


Why 28 specifically?

I don't know. It just seemed like a good, strong age, when you could do physical things easily, but weren't so controlled by your passions that you would choose stupid things.


Of course, when I was 28, I had two children, one of whom was an infant that cried ALL THE TIME, and I was exhausted and in worse shape (barring the worn-out joints) than I am now, so maybe it isn't the best choice.


Now that I think about it, that would probably be a good age for me, too. I think I was 27 when I stopped smoking.

I was the same as you, Janet, at that age. 26 would be better for me, or even 36.

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