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I think it may be Fred Astaire singing in your brain. "I'm always true to you darling in my fashion."


Actually it's Ella Fitzgerald. It's on Volume 1 of her Cole Porter Songbook, which I happened to listen to yesterday. Astaire does it in a movie, I guess? Which one?

Well, I can't find where he did. How funny because I can hear it.


Apparently, no man ever sang it. :-)


Yeah, looks that way. The lyrics are definitely from a female point of view, so it's not surprising.

That is all very interesting, Mac. Most everything posted here is new to me, so it is all fascinating in its way.

Did that "gone with the wind" in the first line of the third stanza originate with this poem too?

For some reason, in my mind I hear Ronald Colman reciting the poem, but I can't find anything about that. I did find, though, that he was in a 1932 movie titled Cynara about a married man who had an affair.

I'm pretty sure it ("gone with the wind") did originate there. Somewhere in the past couple of days, I guess while reading about Dowson, I saw a mention of Margaret Mitchell saying as much.

Can't call Ronald Colman to mind. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the movie I saw, though. Whatever that was, it was contemporary at the time--i.e. ca 1960.

Rose, Roses Riotously was not the title of the J A West book I was thinking of. That was the title of one of the stories. The name of the book was Call Out the Malicia. Coincidentally, West died just this year, in his 80s. I only vaguely recognize the titles of the other stories.


I kept poking around and found a discussion board where someone wrote that a few lines of the poem were recited in the 1944 movie Laura. Could that be the movie you saw around 1960, maybe on TV? I found the script for it and the Clifton Webb character does them close to the end.

I doubt it. For whatever my memory is worth, it's in color and in a theater. Kinda think it was a woman who said it, too. But all of that is definitely questionable. I've seen Laura in recent years and it didn't ring any bells. I like the movie and love the title song.

Your research is great btw. :-)

This makes me want to watch Laura.


It's good. I remember thinking that it wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped, but still good.

I have seen it many times. And I am supposed to be watching Kurosawa movies. Maybe I can watch it with Bill tonight instead of the cozy murders.


The whole idea of a cozy murder mystery is pretty strange. We have been watching Midsomer Murders fairly frequently. There are a whole lot of them but eventually we'll run out, and I don't know what we'll do then.

This reminds me of Poe's worst poems.

I love "The Raven."

Re cozy murders.

Well, what gets me is Death in Paradise where the murder happens and then the happy reggae music starts.


That's pretty cozy.

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