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what a beautiful quotation. I felt like that entering the church and for many years after joining the church - that I had this precious thing that I would not let be swept away by Catholic ideologists. And I did not.

I was thinking just this morning that it was time to re-read Houselander's letters.

More when I get to a keyboard.


"Catholic ideologists"--all too apt a description.

I was having a conversation recently about how I have absolutely zero interest in apologetics anymore. I think it was important for me to learn all that stuff, but now, it's like counting out the steps when you are dancing. "Dancing" probably implies a much lighter spirit than anything currently going on in my spiritual life, but I think you can see what I mean.

I think it's pretty laughable to think that the Lord forsook Bergman. Seems to me that he was pretty Christ-haunted. Most of his films certainly were. Well, I don't know if I've seen enough to say "most." Maybe.

It may be a really good thing to be out-of-fashion nowadays.


I hope it is good to be out of fashion. I've felt myself to be out of step with the times since sometime in my 20s, but lately I *really* feel like a dinosaur.

In a way...I mean what I really feel is that a whole lot of people under about 50 or so have lost their minds. I.e. it's not me, it's them. :-)

Well, when I was 24, my grandmother told me I was an anachronism.

And C. S. Lewis thought he was the last dinosaur.


A lot of the current craziness has to do with the prevalent mob mentality, doesn't it? I guess I feel pretty lucky that crowds have always been a problem for me.

The internet enables us all to join mobs from the privacy of our own homes. :-/

I feel like part of Lewis's generation in many ways. So he wasn't the *last*.

I agree about Bergman's films being Christ-haunted, btw. At least most of them. Have you seen Cries and Whispers? That one *really* is, and it came well after his supposed dismissal of the God question.

I liked your dance analogy btw. Though I can't dance. :-) Or maybe especially because I can't dance.

Janet my grandmother used to call me old fashionef

Laryngitis and flu! Yuck. My sympathy.

We're all a bunch of dinosaurs. You should change the name of the blog to Jurassic Park.

Sorry you're sick, Grumpy.


"Throwback" might be more accurate than "dinosaur," now that I think about it.

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