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Have you seen Synecdoche, New York?

Are you using New York state to talk about New York City or vice versa?


Is that what a synecdoche means? Some things I never quite understand.

Referring to a part as the whole or vice versa--like saying you were going to watch Alabama play football.


That makes sense within the context of that movie. Have you seen it, Janet?

I asked a guy who hangs around our street to rake my leaves and five minutes later it was dark as night

There is a lot about the middle class experience of the wall in Evelyn waugh’s biography of ronald knox and in knox’s conversipn memoir, A Spiritual Aenead

War! Upper Middle Class!


I've been thinking lately that Knox is under-rated. I might read that. I guess the appeaol of his style may be somewhat limited to somewhat literary types like me. But he is really quite perceptive and helpful about spiritual matters.

I always have trouble with "synecdoche," too.

And I'm sorry but I just can't help myself: "Alabama" in the football context isn't really a synecdoche. Auburn fans would object strenuously to that. It's just short for "University of Alabama." Maybe "watch Nick Saban play" would be a better example.

Yes it is. People say Alabama, which is the large thing of which the University of Alabama is a part.

Somehow I knew I would get some kind of response like this. ;-)

This reminds me that my voice mail keeps telling me, "You have no message." It's really making my Cassandra complex kick in.


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