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I had never so much as heard of this poet, but this poem is pretty good. Which causes me to reflect on how much of the pretty good art of a period is forgotten.

This has been like a series of poems for old people who think about death a lot. ;-) Also, they like nature. Since that's who I am, I have enjoyed the poems.

I guess it's not that I think so much about death, as that I'm aware that I'm in a kind of holding pattern.



"poems for old people who think about death a lot. Also, they like nature."

Good title for an anthology.

Yes, it is.

Merry Christmas, all! I'll be offline until Wednesday.

We should publish it!


If you're willing to do the work.... It would have to be all old out-of-copyright stuff, but there's probably a lot of that would fit.

Merry Christmas to you, too, Rob.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that all these PfOPwTADaL poems were written by men.

I would do it, but I have to figure out Medicare.


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