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Lately I've been impressed with public figures I admire who have no interest in wading into the fray that is our discordant politics. I think I read less political pieces online than most of the rest of the people who comment here (except for maybe Janet, who may read none), but I am painfully aware of what is going on.

One of the good things about the trump presidency is how much appreciation I now have for the Bush family, due to their being decent people. I watched a lot of GHW Bush coverage over the weekend, wishing we had a leader with a real interest in others and not just himself.

Mac, I have had so much trouble reading since my move began! I am now settled, and unfortunately I have the dreaded Cable TV because out here with an antenna you get ONE channel, and not very well. So I can always find some silly sitcom to watch, or something to take up my time that I used to give only to reading. So I keep starting books hoping to be hooked - my best headway so far is Little Women. We'll see what happens.

I've had trouble ever since I stopped working full-time convincing myself that it's ok for me to read for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. Feels like I'm just goofing off. I'm getting better though. Cable TV (Netflix, all that sort of thing) can be a serious drug if you let it. I found action movies to be very tempting, although I think watching all the Die Hard movies in fairly quick succession may have cured me.

Do you have in mind any particular admirable public figures who aren't wading in to the fray? Seems like everybody is. Of course most of them aren't especially admirable--all those show-biz people, for instance.

I read that piece by Williamson and thought it was particularly good.

I'm talking celebrities, that when asked to comment on trump etc. they refuse to do so. Chrissie Hynde said, "Concentrate on the positive things happening." When the interviewer said the news was all bad, she said, "Don't watch the news!" Then Morrissey has a new song where he sings about not watching the news. I wish I could get myself not to watch, but I'm a lot less upset than I used to be. As my uncle said, "None of it matters, just enjoy the clown show!"

It is kind a amazing to me that although I read no news and watch no news shows, I still am able to understand almost any conversation about current politics. I do listen to NPR, so I hear a lot there. The more I listen to them, the more they convince me that their positions are wrong, and the less I trust them. I might very well have the same reaction to talk radio.

Gingkos turn that lovely color and then boom the leaves seem to all fall in one night and leave that beautiful carpet--usually. We have a very large gingko in our backyard which I can see out of the window above the sink, so I see it often. ;-) This year and last, the leaves have just barely turned--they have a very slight yellow tint--and then they fall. It is depressing.

On the other hand, Bill saw a bald eagle in the back yard. I hope I get to see it.

There are things in the Netflix Man in the High Castle that I think are meant to be a criticism not just of Nazis, but of the current left.

For some reason, I have to fill in the information below EVERY TIME I commment.



I have had that problem of feeling guilty if I sit and read too long. I am trying to overcome it. I am also trying to keep away from the TV as much as possible during Lent. I saw "as much as possible" because I don't want to sequester myself from my husband the whole month.


I also have a problem with getting sleepy when I sit and read, if it's early-to-mid afternoon or fairly late at night.

I don't have much occasion to listen to the radio, but I find I can only take NPR news for a fairly short time. Some things they do really well, but most of their people sound *so* smug.

What are you thinking of in Man in the High Castle, Janet? I vaguely remember having some sort of thought along those lines flit through my mind, but that's all.

Good for Chrissie and Morrisey. The first thing I thought of when you mention public figures wading or not wading into the fray was the brief furor a few weeks ago when Taylor Swift decided it was time for her to Speak Out.

Janet, I think control over filling out that info resides in your browser. Not 100% sure. I noticed the behavior changed for me a couple of weeks ago when I installed a new version of the browser I use (Opera).

Destroying statues and monuments to destroy history is something that came to mind, but there were other things that I can't remember at the moment.

Something happened with Chrome a while back and it's been wacky ever since.

The thing about NPR is that I am in the car for hours and most of the time it's the only station I can get clearly. Music puts me to sleep. The irritation keeps me awake. ;-) I have a new phone now, though, and I can listen to books--too bad I can't afford them.


Oh yeah, that Jahr Null stuff. I wonder if the Nazis did that. I know some leftist revolutions have tried it.

I just searched for it and every single reference was related to the series. So I guess maybe the real Nazis didn't do it, at least not by that name. But then, now that I think about it, since they never had power outside of Europe and they thought of themselves as being the culmination of that history, the concept wouldn't have been applicable. Had they conquered other cultures they might have wanted to I guess.

They were in north Africa

If I had to guess what made the series writers think of that I would say Isis. Islamicists blowing up buddhist statues in Afghanistan

Yeah, that might be more likely, though Islamicists have a very different rationale for what they do. As for north Africa, yes, they were there, but I don't think they ever had settled control, the way they have control of the U.S. in the series.

The different rationale is what I was thinking. They don't destroy Buddhist temples to destroy history.



Im watching Homecoming because that's all I can cope with now. It has thirty minute episodes

Is that the thing with Julia Roberts that Amazon has been advertising?

I've been bouncing back and forth between the French series 'Spiral' and the UK's 'DCI Banks.' Both are in 45-50 minute chunks, so I generally watch either one or two episodes depending on how much time I have (or how tired I am!).

I liked the Banks series a lot. Read one of the books on which it's based a month or so ago and wasn't real enthusiastic about it. Not that it was bad but it didn't seem all that good, either. Unusual for me to like the film/tv series better than the book. May read more at some point.

I've seen only a few DCI Banks episodes and really liked them. A whole lot of that had to do with the actor, Stephen Tompkinson. He's just a very watchable guy.

I wonder if the Banks books get better as they go on like the Rebus series does. That series didn't really kick in until the 4th or 5th book.

I like Tompkinson too. I don't think I've ever seen him in anything else but apparently he's quite well-known in the UK.

Spiral is pretty good too. It's been called the French Wire, but it als0 has some things in common with Law & Order. Apparently the judiciary and law enforcement work much closer together in France than in the U.S. or the U.K., and it took me a little while to figure out exactly who was who.

Yes Homecoming has Julia Roberts

Rob, I took a look at A Ghost Story and the reviews said its for intellectuals. I have to wait till Im less tired

Banks as portrayed in the book seemed a much less interesting character than Banks as played by Tompkinson. No way to know of course if that could just be a matter of which one I encountered first.

I couldn't remember the name of the Banks novel I'd just read, but I looked it up, and it is an early one--Past Reason Hated, from 1991. For what that's worth.

A French show like The Wire sounds interesting.

Spiral sounds great but I think I will stay with Homecoing for the time being.

Spiral is on Netflix, but dvd only.

I must admit I am tempted to deop Homecoming! I will see on Saturday, when 8 out of 10 puppues will be gone. I might even e up for the Ghost movie

I just bought Season 1 of Spiral from Amazon video. Its not DVDs, its on video. It was 12.99

You mean streaming video, I guess? I'm always reluctant to buy something that way. It has to be something I'm either really desperate to see or know that I'll want to see more than once.

Or, well, something the grandchildren want to see....

To me 12.99 for eight or ten episodes is ok, given that going out to ser one movie leaves little change from a tenner

Yeah, it's reasonable enough, but I resist. I think the word "buy" is an obstacle: that implies I want it to be mine forever, even though it's not a physical object that I'll have to make space for.

Watched the first episode of Spiral. Its a lot more gripping than the first episode of Homecoming! But I fell asleep half way through, at 8.15 in the evening! I will finish it tonight. The judicial/police overlap is indeed confusing!

If it was gripping but you nevertheless fell asleep halfway through, you're too tired.

Ive watched two episodes of Spiral and Im firmly attached.

Eight puppies went to their new homes over the past few days, including one that I drove to Chicago OHara to be taken on to Sam Jose. Just two left now, Brett and Chrissie Hound. They are leaving at the weekend. Eight weeks of semester with 10 puppies was very very tiring. I also had several pampaging infections.

Yeah, I'm sure ten puppies was an ordeal. Ten puppies in the house (!). I'm glad they have all found homes. Especially Chrissie, who has the greatest name.

Yes if a bitch of mine ever has puppies again Im going to make damn sure she whelps them in the Spring or Summer. Though having said that, I was determined that Brex should not get pregnant until she was two year old, and look what happened. Olivier has no shame.

Chrissie Hound is going to NJ to be auctioned in a Catholic School. I fear and have good reason to believe that they are going to rename her Fatima.

Oh no. Maybe we should try to talk Stu into taking her. Are you listening Stu?

I never have gotten used to hearing "bitch" as a matter of fact term like "cow." Wasn't around any serious dog people growing up.

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