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The Green New Deal

I'm not going to go on about this, but I couldn't resist passing on this comment from Neo(neocon):

The entire Green New Deal document is worth reading, by the way, for its almost-unhinged quality of unbridled enthusiasm, wild optimism, and complete lack of consideration of any physical and financial realities.

If you think Trump's wall promise was unrealistic..."retrofit every building in America"?!? Every?

"Neo", by the way, has officially dropped the "neocon" part of her online name. She was, at the time she chose it, a new conservative (see this), and I guess more or less fit the usual (non-hostile) definition of a neocon: a person who has moved from left to right politically. But she doesn't seem to think it's applicable anymore. 

Personally I liked "Neoneocon" better, partly because "Neo" just makes me think of the The Matrix


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When I heard about this, it reminded me of The Gulag Archipelago which I am currently reading. You set up an unreachable standard, and then punish people for not being able to reach it.


I thought of "Imagine", which as you know I hate. What strikes me so much in both is the necessity for total control in order to bring about the desired ideal.

I've been meaning to read The GA for decades.

Ross Douthat:

The first major policy intervention from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the noted social-media personality and future dictator-for-life of the Americas (I believe she’s also a congresswoman of some sort), is a quite-extraordinary document: a blueprint for fighting climate change that manages to confirm every conservative critique of liberal environmental activism, every Republican suspicion of what global-warming alarm is really all about.

The core conservative suspicion is that when liberals talk about the dire threat of global warming, they’re actually seizing opportunistically on the issue to justify, well, #fullsocialism — the seizure of the economy’s commanding heights in order to implement the most left-wing possible agenda.

A conventional liberal, up until now, would dismiss that belief as simply paranoid, the product of Fox News feedback loops and the science-denying fever swamps. But the Green New Deal that Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey are sponsoring — and that four leading Democratic contenders for the presidency have already endorsed — responds by saying: Yes, that’s absolutely correct.

That's a strange little op-ed, Mac. He is sort of for it because the consequences of left and right working for infrastructure help to vulnerable places to climate change would be good. He doesn't think the rest will happen. I'm not sure when the R's became the party of denying science, but that is just as silly as a utopian socialist society.

Actually I thought the rest of it was just sort of weird and didn't pay much attention to it, but the part I quoted is right on.

As for the R's being "the party of denying science"--I'm not a Republican but aw, come on. Both parties appeal to the "science" that suits them. The GND is positively deranged from the science/engineering point of view. As a number of people have said, it sounds like the product of a late-night dorm room conversation.

...among liberal arts majors. :-)

...of which I was one.

Well I support her. Something has to be done to fight the total disregard of the environment that the tRump administration is for. Big business is the only important thing, and everything else doesn't matter. It takes craziness to fight craziness.


In the Fb discussion about Sandmann/Phillips, where BR posted a quote from a woman who was talking about power being the only thing, and then she (BR) took the quote down, was that a quote from AOC?


No. I'm not sure that person's name was given. I don't think she was an especially public figure. Not a big name at any rate. I don't recall seeing comment from AOC on that incident, though I guess she probably did say something.

Stu, I think you're letting your Trump anger get the better of you.

She did give the person's name.


I believe the answer does involve salad, Mac.

So the end of the world will be marked by The Last Salad.

I do remember, Janet, that it was a black woman. So definitely not AOC. Who, although she is a Person of Color, is not a Colored Person.

(that's racist!)

(Lame joke, I know, sorry. Seems cowardly to delete it now.)

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