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Thanks for this! I hope to listen to it soon. I have heard a few episodes of In Our Time and have always found it to be worthwhile.

Pandora's name has always puzzled me. Are the troubles gifts? Did they say "jar"? It's a box isn't it?


You're welcome. And your story about the mattress is funny.

Cross-posted with Janet, obviously.

It's complicated, but the gifts suggested in the name were hers, not a reference to the contents of the...vessel...which apparently was a jar, and "box" is a mistranslation.


Whenever I am in the middle of something miserable and frustrating like the mattress removal, I try to remember that in the future it will be a good story.

I kept trying to remember this during the long exodus from group insurance to government healthcare.

There's a lot of art down the drain.


That's a mixture, too. The picture in the encyclopedia I mentioned definitely shows a jar. It's attributed to Gabriel von Max. But I spent at least 20 minutes last night looking for the picture online and couldn't find it.

I didn't really have that much trouble switching insurance. I was surprised. Maybe that's because I didn't try to understand it.

And am going to get a very unpleasant surprise sometime.

Thanks for this. I added it on my podcast app.

You're welcome. I think you'll find it interesting.

A lot of the problems had to do with my husband not being able to get Medicare until July, and my having to jump through the hoops to get ACA coverage. However, while the Part B was a breeze, there were many weird glitches along the way toward getting a Medigap and Drug Plan.


Judith Wolfe is apparently the "founding general editor of the Journal of Inklings Studies" (http://judithwolfe.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/)

Yes, I saw that. Seems unlikely (very unlikely?) that she would have that position and not be a Christian.

Thanks for this tip, Mac. I'll listen to the episode on hope when I get a chance, but yesterday I listened to the recent one on Horace, whom I've been reading lately, and I really enjoyed it.

There are a number that I'd like to hear, but chances are fair that I won't actually do it, because of the time required.

Me too. Just glancing down the list of recent shows: Emmy Noether, Papal Infallibility, Four Quartets, Shakespeare's Romans, Sir Gawain! Gadzooks. There are far too many interesting podcasts in the world.

There really are. Which is another reason that I don't often listen to them. The selection is just overwhelming. The same is true of things to read, and music, and those two are generally of greater interest to me.

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