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I remember when one of my cats died, back in Aberdeen days (Leo, sister of Stanley and Pius), my head of section, John Webster, said 'They give us so much. They give us their beauty.'

How did that happen? I thought it said 'Grumpy as Ever'

I changed it for you, although I see it had been there for about an hour before I noticed it. It would have to do with the automatic form completion in your web browser. Depends on which browser and exactly how it works etc--they're all a little different. But basically it remembered info you had used on some other site, and filled those in for you. May have offered you a choice without your even noticing it. That's happened to me before. In fact right now my browser has forgotten that I always just use "Mac" here and wants to fill in "Maclin Horton" for me. No idea why. I'm going to override it by typing what I actually want.

Anyway, about cats: unlike dogs, their sheer aesthetic appeal is a big part of why we like them (those of us who do). Though this cat in particular is affectionate to the point of annoyance.

yes, I agree - cats for beauty, dogs for dogging

That was a great finale for Season 4 BCS! Mike’s character development has been gripping

Great, and yet sad. I was a little shocked by Mike's agreeing to "take care of" that situation. I guess that's where he really crosses the line. I never made the verbal connection between "Saul Goodman" and "'s all good, man." I wonder if whoever named him intended the pun (or whatever that would be called) from the beginning, or just noticed it later. I guess next season will bring the story up to the point where BB starts.

I am seriously considering re-watching the whole thing, but then I think about the long drawn out thing with his brother, which I found kind of tiresome.

I am going to watch BB over the summer.

I was very sorry to see Mike go over the line, but this is his development story too. There had to be a way he became the guy in BB. I really wanted him to let the German engineer go, but then he would not be in character for BB. I can only think that he agreed to 'take care of it' because he would do it in a less horrible way than Gus' people.

I really delighted in the Chuck vs. Jimmy story.

Well, it's not that it isn't a good and dramatic story. I just got kind of tired of it at some point.

Yes, that's exactly what I thought about Mike and the engineer. And even over the line, Mike still has some kind of code of honor, like Omar in The Wire.

As great as I think BB is, I just don't feel like I want to re-experience some of the awful things that happen to people to whom I had become attached. I remember having trouble sleeping after one particularly traumatic episode.

I hate to see your swing all ruin't like that. I worry mine will follow suit. I just hope I won't be sitting on it when it does.


It's ok, we replaced it. Before it broke. I need to do something with it besides letting it sit there and get overgrown. Though I must say it looks sort of nice.

I'm not caught up on BCS, as I've only watched it through the end of season 3. I'm sure I'll watch BB again at some point (maybe after the end of BCS?) but I've got no plans to do it anytime soon. I'll probably rewatch 'Rectify' first.

I'm currently two episodes into season two of 'The Leftovers.' I liked the first season pretty well, although as is usual with HBO series the language, violence, and sexual elements were at times O.T.T.

And I'm down to the last episode of 'Detectorists.' I will hate to see that one end -- I love those guys!

Oh, and the new Zhang Yimou film, Shadow, opens this weekend. I'll be going to see it if it's anywhere near me.

I've watched one season of an Amazon series called Goliath. Billy Bob Thornton stars as a sort of renegade lawyer. It's fairly good but I wouldn't recommend it with much enthusiasm. And not season 2 at all, because there's too much violence and perversion in it. My wife bailed out and I may resort to reading an online synopsis to find out what happened.

And yeah I really was sorry to see Detectorists end.

A UK friend who really likes Detectorists recommends the Aussie film 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' as having a similar feel.

As it happens, I've seen that, and it is enjoyable. I wouldn't put it in the same class but maybe that's a question of personal taste. I think it was actually made in New Zealand, and what I remember most about it is the New Zealand accents. I didn't realize there were so many distinctive differences. Some particularly struck me but, sorry, I can't remember what now. The lead is Sam Neill, of Jurassic Park fame, who is from New Zealand.

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