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The people next door have a bichon frise and I think of Andy every time I see it. It tried to boss me around once, but that's not going to work.

Sometimes I think I want a dog, especially since we have been inundated with vultures, but then I remember we have grandchildren in Kentucky.


Don't do it. As much as you might enjoy it, if you don't have somebody who can just come over and take care of them every day while you're gone, it's a real anchor. Andy's real decline started when we boarded him for almost two weeks last summer. It seemed to take something out of him.

I'm sorry to hear this, Mac. I didn't realize that Andy was a bichon. We had two bichons when I was growing up, and loved each of them. Ours were called Spunky and Newton. They were really good dogs -- as you say, like teddy bears, and good-tempered.

If our family ever gets a dog -- which is doubtful because there is one adult in the family who is against it -- I think I would get a bichon again. Maybe I should give one to my in-laws, in hopes of the gift being rejected?

In any case, my condolences to you once more. It's hard to lose a dog.

Thank you. I'm not exactly devastated, but it is sad. To me there's something poignant about the death of a pet, something to do with their complete vulnerability. I'm really sorry that we had to euthanize him, or felt that we did. All the logic in the world can't keep that from feeling to me like a betrayal.

There is one adult in this family who was against having a dog, too. A certain persistent child who *really* wanted a dog eventually prevailed. That dog died untimely, before Lucy and Andy--she was a car-chaser and made a fatal mistake.

I had an uncle who was a farmer and he had a beloved dog who accompanied him during his daily chores. When the dog was dying of cancer and became too ill to walk, my uncle put him on a little pillow and took him along on his chores just like always. I remember that my uncle's wife pleaded with him to have the dog put down, but I can't now recall if he finally agreed to it or not. Pretty sure he must have wrestled with that feeling of betrayal.

I can easily see me doing something like that. If Andy had not been in such obvious distress I would have kept putting off the end. Such funny things we do for our pets. I think the whole pet thing has gotten way out of hand in a lot of ways but I do sort of understand it.

I am sorry about Andy, but so excited to be one of the cognoscenti.


I don't have any kind of reward for repeat customers, so this is the best I can do. But then I don't have customers, either.

Aww, poor little Andy. My condolences. He looks like a sweet dog. I have a vague recollection of him.

Sorry about Andy

Thank you both. It's just the way of things. But I have to admit that it's pleasant not to have to get dressed and take him out immediately upon waking. I sat around in my bathrobe way too long Saturday morning.

Sounds like a perfect Saturday

It pretty much was, yes. :-)

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