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March 9, 1974 - young Stu punches a schoolmate in the mouth and is immediately sent to the principal's office. He asks God, "Why?"


March 9, 1974. Twenty-something Mac in an idle moment at the record store notes the release of a new album by Three Dog Night. He asks God, "Why?"

In an earlier book, she wrote about how she was sexually abused as a child. The abuse began when she was five years old, and at the same time that her parents were going through a divorce. Seems she was a pretty smart kid, so wouldn't surprise me if she kept a diary even at that age.

That's possible. The first incidence of abuse happened in the same year, so I wondered if that might have been the way she dated this reverie. But the incident was in August, almost six months later.

She was definitely a smart kid though. The book doesn't spend a lot of time on her childhood, but there are some very cute moments, such as her essay proving that her sister was wrong to want to be president of the world, because God is president of the world.

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