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I put the CD in my amazon cart but I won't hit buy now till Im back from Spain.

I'll of course be interested in hearing your reaction.

Hoping to give it a listen over the weekend.

I've had "Motorcycle" stuck in my head since I woke up this morning. Don't know why because it's several days since I heard it.

I bought this record and listen to it in the car. Its OK, except for the at that time required Track 10 which is just noises. You can see things have progressed or got worse since the days when this record was produced but one sign of progress seems to be forgetfulness of the exigence for Track 10.

I don't know if musicians forgot the exigence or they mothballed it, but I'd count it as a Good Thing and progress

Hmm, I don't remember that. If I can find the cd I'll check it out. I may well have liked it. I'm thinking I may have over-praised this album because I liked some of it so much.

Oh my goodness. Track 10 is "Fisherman," one of the Kate-worthy tracks.


I don't even think it's all that weird. It does have some weird sounds in the background. You are talking about the track called "Fisherman," right? Well, personal taste and all that.



Grumpy, I put this on the shoegaze thread but don't know if you saw it.

Got the new Long Beard album yesterday (Means to Me) and it's very good. I especially like the song "Snow Globe." The first half is better than the second half imo, but it's still pretty enjoyable. I imagine it will grow on me like the first one did.

Glad you like it

Listened to Fisherman again and its ahem experimental

That I agree with.

It was all a misunderstanding. I stuff all the CDs I want to listen to into the door pockets of the car. I always take new CDs and put them straight into the car doors. I bought Mazzy Star and Manta Ray at the same time, when I got back from the camino. I checked on the slip cover to see that track 10 was the Fisherman, but I didn't open the slip cover - in which case I would have seen that the CD was sitting in inside, and was not in the CD player. Today I took the CD out and discovered that when I tried to put it away. Its not the Ray CD. Its Mazzy Star.

Track 10 on Mazzy Star has a lot of tambourines not to mention cowbells, and sounds vaguely reminiscent of 'All Tomorrow's Parties.'

I listened to the real Fisherman just to celebrate, and its striking that, unlike the other one, it actually mentions a fisherman.

This is what comes of being brainy.


That would be this song, I guess? I like it but I like noise:


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