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Never heard of this one but have added it to my list.

This is on its way to me via the library.

Have you ever seen the 2006 movie Brick? It's a noir film set in a contemporary high school; but it's very clever in that all the characters talk the same sort of dialogue that they did in old noir movies, and all the noir tropes are there. It's mostly played straight, but parts of it are very funny, related to the juxtaposition of noir sensibilities and high school life.

No, but I see it's on Netflix.

The other night on Amazon Prime's list of "stuff you might like" the old TV series Naked City appeared. On a whim I watched the first episode. It was surprisingly good. Not great, and I'm not going to watch the whole series, but definitely better than I expected.

I think you'd like Brick, although a friend of mine, who's also a fan of film noir, says that he "didn't get it," which is a little odd. Then again, he's one of those people that's somewhat tone-deaf to irony.

Watched John Woo's four-and-a-half hour epic Red Cliff over two nights this past week. Magnificent, breathtaking stuff. It's (thankfully) a two-part film and the 2-disc DVD version is easy to find. Very highly recommended if you like this sort of thing. Here's the trailer:


It's based on a 14th century Chinese literary epic called The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which occupies in Chinese culture a place similar to that of Shakespeare in ours.

Avoid the edited U.S. theatrical version as it cuts the thing almost in half and apparently eliminates much of the human drama for the sake of the action sequences.

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