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I want to color the album cover. ;-)


:-) Yeah, looks like it was made for that. That kind of indicates my problem--it seems incomplete or insufficient. It's not just monochrome, it's purely black and white.

I listened to it on amazon music. Its intriguing

I meant to say that it might seem dated. Or sort of...kid stuff. It's pretty naive in a way that's very much of its time.

I changed your comment name from your real name btw. Your browser has remembered the real name from some previous comment, not necessarily here.

how odd. I looked at it and it said 'Grumpy as ever' and I added my email address.

Ah. now I see. when I add my email address it is changing my name.

Very interesting album. A couple of the tracks actually sound quite "modern."

"maybe the record company just didn't do a good job of getting the word out."

There's a comment on YouTube to that effect by one of the former members. It's pretty striking how many times something like that happens -- really good artists/bands fall through the cracks or what have you because of record company neglect or other problems.

Started re-watching Breaking Bad. Its so funny in the first few episodes. I just forgot how funny Jesse Pinkman is at the start, partly because of his great pathos at the end.

Funny you should mention that right now, because I've said since I watched the last episode that I would probably never watch it again. But just a day or two ago I was thinking "Well, maybe the early episodes, because they're funny and fascinating."

Rob, just yesterday I became aware of a Facebook group devoted to Curt Boettcher's. A couple of the members of Millenium participate there and it's fascinating to hear their comments. And yes, that does happen all too often.

Since Begin was reportedly the most expensive album Columbia had ever produced at the time, you'd think they'd have thrown a lot into promoting it. How is it that in a small Alabama town I knew of the Velvet Underground in 1967 but not The Millennium in 1968? Of course that has something to do with the crowd I was part of.

Mac ran with a bad crowd...

Yes, I did.

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