Sally Read: Night's Bright Darkness
For Me, This Is Dr. John


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From up here in suburban New York that looks cute, but anything like that near me - definitely anathama sit!

Alligators do have an oddly cute look, but they're mean as hell. This one is too small to really hurt anybody. Two feet long at most. But I don't want it to move in here permanently.

Alligator or not, I am jealous.


Would it make you feel any better if I told you it was too hot? ;-)

Too hot sounds pretty good to me right now, sitting here in wintry NZ. So strange to be upside-down like this -- last night I noticed the house behind me has its usual winter "Christmas" lights up now. Nice to look at but, oh, what that does to my poor, old head. :)

Just hearing about that almost makes my head hurt. Does not compute.

It has actually cooled off a bit here--not much, but some.

Still no ocean here, though.


My sympathy is limited by the knowledge that if you had an ocean I would be under water.

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