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Sounds like a very good idea!

A good compromise. Hope you had a good vacation.

sounds good

I think we need Art Deco to return and stir things up!


Thanks, Craig, yes I did, though it wasn't, strictly speaking, vacation.

I was saying something like that to Janet, Craig.

By the way, Craig's blog is the place to go if you want some really substantial reviews of books, music, and movies.


Very true.

You know what we used to do all the time here, but don't anymore? Laugh.


I don't think it's just here though. The whole darned world is to serious.



Thanks for keeping up this blog. I'm a longtime reader and I appreciate the small and special project you've been keeping up here.

Thank you. That's really good to hear. And I can say that I'm enjoying it again, and not feeling it as a burden, since the decision to make it more casual.

Are you the Dave that used to comment?


I don't think so. I've only commented maybe two or three times.

I had the same question as Janet but I think the old Dave had a surname

Or at least an initial thereof.

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