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The President and the Congresswoman from Twitter...

...have a whole lot more in common than either would like to think, much less admit. See this. Today Ocasio-Cortez is apparently denying that she meant what she obviously meant. A Taylor Swift-vs.-Katy Perry feud comes to the House of Representatives.

I guess we can expect a whole lot more teenage social-media spite among our elected officers as general interest in preserving and governing a republic continues to wane. 

I am going to swear off commenting on politics but apparently not today. 


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...and in a surprise move the president defended Pelosi, saying she is not a racist! All very important things going on in Washington, Mac. :)

Did he really?!? I haven't seen any news since this morning.

there's a good Commentary podcast on this from Thursday 11 July

I have a long drive tomorrow, maybe I'll listen to it.

I have not heard one word of the Pelosi/AOC conflict, but I am enjoying it nonetheless.


Heartwarming, isn't it?

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