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Whenever I think that I am thoroughly tired of Chesterton, I read a quote like the one in that article.


I had exactly the same reaction. That's GKC at his best.

Which Elizabeth Goudge novel do you recommend, Mac?

Well...Janet might be a better person to ask...but the one that made the strongest impression on me was Gentian Hill. Which is a bit odd because it's an historical novel with romance elements, neither of which is really my sort of thing. The Scent of Water is next. That might be the best. I think I've only read two others and I have trouble remembering their names.

Well, I know you read Pilgrim's Inn, and Heart of the Family, and it's hard to believe you didn't read the other book in that trilogy, The Bird in the Tree.

I waver between Scent of Water, and Pilgrim's Inn. I like Gentian Hill, too, although I don't remember it having THAT much history.


The two Eliot books have sort of run together in my mind. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I never got to Bird in the Tree.

Doesn't the main story of GH take place in the time of the Napoleonic wars, or thereabouts?

Yes, and they affect what happens, but I think the story about the family takes up most of the book.

Heart if the Family is about David and Sally after the war, and the sick man who comes to live with them.


It's a pretty rare thing for me to read a novel even a second time, and I think I've now read The Scent of Water at least three times.

Janet, didn't you talk about Goudge's autobiography, The Joy of the Snow, a while ago? It's a lovely book, and I think I may read that again, too.

I think you would really like The Bird in the Tree.


I did read The Joy of the Snow recently, so I might have mentioned it. There is so much stuff going on here, I can't remember very far back.


I'm pretty sure someone praised The Joy of Snow very highly here. I see the local library has The Bird in the Tree, so maybe I'll get to it before too long. They don't have Joy of Snow.

Thank you both. I will figure out one and read it, she seems like my kind of author!

The best of Elizabeth Goudge’s novels is The Dean’s Watch.

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