The Turn of the Screw, Again
A Few Remarks from Newman

I'm In Touchstone Again

You can read most of the first paragraph here

Heh. Sorry. It's subscriber-only. But you can see a nice picture of the little Methodist church in which I grew up, and which is the subject of the piece. If you get the magazine, you'll see that the byline says the article is an excerpt from my as-yet-unpublished memoir. That was true when I submitted it, but may not be now, as I'm rewriting the book and aiming to make it roughly half its original length. Which was...I hesitate to say...a bit over 130,000 words. Which I'm told is way too long--roughly the length of Merton's Seven Storey Mountain

I'm touched that the editors went to the trouble of finding a picture of the actual church to include with the article. 


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Nice. I'll have to see if I can scrounge a copy off of someone, as I don't subscribe anymore. If not, I'll just make a stop at the local seminary library.

Actually you've read it. Apart from a bit of orientation, it's pretty much straight out of the book.

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