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Le Spleen de Samsung?*

My DVD player is having problems so I started looking for a new one. Of course all sorts of stuff has changed since I bought this one--everything is Internet-enabled, etc. So, trying to figure out what I actually need and/or want, I was reading the users' questions and answers for one I'm interested in, and saw this:

Question:  Does it have app for MLB tv
Answer:     i’m not good with tech stuff - i don’t know what MLB means and i hate apps
By Brandy [name redacted] on March 5, 2019

I would almost sort of like to meet Brandy.

* (Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris: "The title of the work refers not to the abdominal organ (the spleen) but rather to the second, more literary meaning of the word, "melancholy with no apparent cause, characterised by a disgust with everything".)


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Some fine examples of the use of "splenetic" in the Oxford dictionary -- I especially like this one:

1775, Earl of Carlisle, in J. H. Jesse G. Selwyn & his Contemp., "Forget what I lately wrote to you: it was the overflowing of a splenetic moment."

Something that could be used often on Twitter. :)

As I read somewhere within the past hour, Twitter seems to be designed for that kind of thing. Obviously it wasn’t, but man, it sure seems to encourage it.

What’s so funny about Brandy’s comment is that it’s so completely gratuitous. It says nothing useful whatsoever. There was no reason for it except spleen.

"... it’s so completely gratuitous. It says nothing useful whatsoever." Sort of like an internet-connected DVD player.

In defense of Samsung and friends, that's not a very good description of the device. It can stream video over the internet as well as play discs. A combination disc player and Roku-type internet device.

I meant my description was not very good, not yours, which just followed mine.

I expect the market for disk players is not what it used to be, so they're adding internet streaming to try to stay in the game.

I guess I'm cynical - I think they want to include streaming whether or not the customer wants it. If they just let people play DVDs how will they know what they're watching?

Heh. Good point, alas.

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