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Hadn't heard of that 1999 version. The Innocents is excellent, and very creepy. It's generally considered one of the best ghost films of all time. I've got the recent Criterion Coll. version on DVD, but I've been a fan of the film for ages.

Wow! Apparitionist!

I don't agree with you that James' prose is laboured. But of course this is true:

" James is not exactly a master of suspense"


Oh, did I say "laboured" in that other discussion? If so I agree with you, more or less--"laboured" is not a good description.

I need to re-read that piece about the movies that I linked to. If one side in the debate is "apparitionist," there should be a word for the other. I guess "anti-apparitionist" would do. Or "delusionist"?

The Innocents btw is not available on the Criterion subscription streaming service. As has been the case with several other Criterion titles I looked for. I really haven't used it that much and may cancel, which would be kind of sad.

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