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Yes, very different feel than Julee Cruise but noticeably similar Lynchian "universe." And Bell can certainly sing.

A pretty great voice, really.

This post caused me to pick up the previously unread The Secret History of Twin Peaks book from my shelf and begin to read it. It is written by Chrysta Bell's character, if I'm not mistaken.

Not all of it, but she’s the chief investigator. That’s why it was so disappointing that her role in the new series was pretty minor.

Her voice reminds me of someone else, but I can't quite put my finger on who it is.

I kind of think so, too, but can't place it.

More specifically about that character: the book strongly suggests that Agent Tammy Preston is going to have in the new story a position or role similar to Cooper's in the original. Not that she would be like Cooper in personality and such, but that her position at the center of investigating the strange happenings would be similar. Instead she's just sort of along for the ride. I found that disappointing.

But then the book is written by Mark Frost alone, so maybe he and Lynch had different ideas.

Didn't see this before, but she has a new album:


I think her role in the newest series was enough because she is not much of an actor. Very pretty though, and a great singing voice.

Yes, that occurred to me, but that implies they had decided to cast her in that role, then adjusted it when they realized she wasn't good enough. Which is possible, but implies the story was still in flux. Also makes you wonder why they didn't just get another actress. One obvious clue there is the cover photo of This Train.;-)

Naomi Watts would have been great in that role, btw, not that I would have wanted her not to have the one she did.

I mean the role as I would have liked for it to have been written.

I mean, I can really see her as a Dale-Cooper-ish sort of personality. Not a female Dale Cooper, exactly, that would have been sort of shallow. But an FBI agent very serious about her work, yet sort of eccentric.

Naomi Watts is great in any role, I'm a little gaga for her as an actress. Laura Dern is great too, couldn't have been a better "Diane"! After I finish this book I may watch the 3rd season for a 3rd time.

Yes, apparently Chrysta "hearts" Lynch.

Last time I looked my only option for watching it again was to either get a Showtime subscription (nope) or pay a fairly high rental fee. I would like to see it again. I guess...I'm thinking now of other disappointments, like the way Audrey was used.

The more I think about it, the more I think there should be a campaign to persuade David Lynch to make another TP series starring Naomi Watts as a sort of flakey Tammy Preston. The character would really have a lot in common with the character she actually did play.

I just checked again and my only options are to "buy" it on Amazon Prime for $40 or start a Showtime subscription. Or buy it on dvd for even more. So I'll just have to wait a while.

So I read both of the Twin Peaks Mark Frost books, Mac. They were enjoyable and now I want to re-watch everything, although the prospect of having to sit through Season 2 again gives me a little pause.

Season 3 is on Amazon now for just over $20, unless you want the BluRay then it is $38. I own everything, of course, because I am crazy.

I only want to watch it once more, probably. I guess that might be worth $20.

I have Akenfield now. It is very fragile, so I can only read it when I have a good stretch of quiet time when I am not eating, so unlikely until after 30 people descend on me next Thursday.


I hope that means a happy Thanksgiving, not a big argument. ;-)

We are not one of those movie families. We pretty much like each other.


Time was when the phrase "one of those movie families" might have been taken to mean an unrealistically harmonious one. How things have changed.

Those movies really puzzle me. Why do people like them, and why are there so many? Aside from Hallmark Christmas movies, the only movie I can think of where the family was happy is While You Were Sleeping.


Are they really successful? I’m pretty out of touch. But Hollywood has had an excessive interest in the miserable side of life for a long time.

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