Hating "Holiday"
Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas!


Thank you, and the same to you.

We had ridiculous fog here on Christmas Eve -- started in the morning and lasted straight through noon on Christmas Day. I was out after dark on Christmas Eve, but not a whole lot of other drivers were.

Got to see A Hidden Life over the break. Thought it was a beautiful film -- very much an immersive experience as Grumpy said. My only complaint is that in my view it runs a little long (Tree of Life was only 2'20" after all), but otherwise it's outstanding and extremely moving. Great use of music, Gorecki and Arvo Part especially.

A couple of weeks ago Hidden Life was listed as coming to a theater in this area--not the most convenient, but not too far. I looked again last week and there's no mention of it. Grr. So apparently I'm not going to get to see it till it's available on dvd or streaming.

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