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How Rap Works

Rap has always been a bit frustrating to me, because I like blues and jazz so much, and so have figured that I should find at least some rap appealing. I've made some effort to find something I like, but for the most part even the artists who are reputed to be the very best don't really do that much for me. I discuss that in this post from 2011 about The Roots' How I Got Over. Despite what I said there, I haven't gone back to the album since then (but something like that is true of almost everything, because there is so much more music than I can listen to).

Nevertheless, I always figured that it's probably one of those things which looks a lot easier to do than it is. How hard can it be (thinks the unsympathetic outsider) to talk over a musical background? Well, I ran across this video today which gives some insight into that. It's called "Rap Deconstructed" but I think my title is better; I don't think deconstruction is actually what they're doing (see Wikipedia). It gave me some appreciation of the skill involved, but I can't say it made me like rap any better. The brutal truth is that none of the examples they analyze say anything of much interest. And I've never heard much rap that did. Of course there is some crudeness.


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Unrelated but I’m away from my computer and can’t easily do a blog post. Civilizational decline continues:


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