"Walking Like Agag"; Ngaio Marsh; Death of a Peer (Surfeit of Lampreys)
Hating "Holiday"

Written In Sand

This was taken from a room in a motel at Gulf Shores over the Thanksgiving weekend. It struck me as very poignant. Where will Mike, Angie, Logan, and Blake be ten years or more from now? Will they remember each other? Will they remember Thanksgiving 2019? And where will I be? Possibly not in this world.

This message was well above the waterline, but would have been blown away, or mostly blown away, by now, as we've had some windy days since then. WrittenInSand


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I always think the same thing when I see initials carved in trees, especially old ones. The sand thing is a lot more ephemeral, of course, so in a way more poignant.

Makes me think of that Lucinda Williams song "2 Kool 2 B 4gotten"

Ray Bradbury has a short story, In a Season of Calm Weather, in which a man watches one early morning while Picasso, thinking he is alone draws pictures in the sand.


I can very well believe that of Picasso. He seems to have been one of those artists who has an unending flow of ideas.

I dont want to be contrarian but what I notice is how long sand writing etc can last ;)

That makes me want to drive down to the beach and see if any trace of it is still there. It's been three weeks so highly doubtful.

I guess it depends on how close to the water it is.

It's so much easier to comment on a desktop than a smartphone.


It was well above the waterline, so it wasn't have been wiped out overnight. But wind, rain, and people's feet would have done it before too many days went by.

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