It Pleases Me To Know That This Exists
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Can This Be Right?

I don't mean "is it true?" I mean "is it ethical?"


It's putting Marmite and peanut butter together. I don't know whether the British like peanut butter or not but I'm sure very few Americans like Marmite. 

Like Dr. Pepper and buttermilk?

Actually, I'm curious. I guess I could mix up a little myself and try it, since I have both. 


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I recently made peanut butter hummous, substituting peanut butter for half the tahini. That is good. But I think peanut butter marmite is a bad idea. I do like Marmite. I like it with lettuce.

Peanut butter hummus sounds odd but not bizarre. I guess peanut butter and Marmite sounds bizarre because Marmite is pretty weird in itself. I sort of like it. I think I started out making fun of it here, on the basis of something or other I'd read about it, then discovering that I could buy it locally, trying it, and finding it, as my daughter said, "sort of weirdly good." I have not gone further afield than putting it on bread.

Funny thing: I remember specifically a conversation with you, in which I said something about people making a mistake by using too much of it on bread, and you said something along the lines of "Leave it to Americans to treat it like peanut butter." And now the Marmite company does this. I thought maybe it was an attempt to appeal to Americans but looks like it's only available in the UK.

I wondered if I should trust my memory about that conversation. It was more or less accurate, but the person who brought up the matter of applying Marmite too thickly was Louise:

This appears to be the first-ever mention of Marmite on this blog, unless perhaps it was mentioned in a comment when I was on Blogger. Seems unlikely.

Your remark is funnier than I remember:

"One can readily imagine an American laying it on like peanut butter and blaming the consequences on the Crown."

My father liked peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. Will have to ask my son-in-law if he ever mixes his beloved Marmite with his equally beloved peanut butter -- I've got a feeling he does that.

I am clearly going to have to try it.

I don’t remember this conversation but I find my joke quite funny

I did too.

Marianne, "peanut butter and mustard" just now sunk in on me. Goodness gracious....

I like both, but not sure how well they'd mix. Maybe it would depend on the proportions.

I do Marmite on toast and crackers, but it's also good on sandwiches. A fave of mine is grilled Swiss cheese and tomato with Marmite. But yes, in all cases less is more. Like certain lather-free shave creams, "a thin layer is all that is needed." One globs it on like jam to his own peril.

Grumpy's joke is great.

I can *really* see marmite with grilled cheese and tomatoes!

Sounds delicious (no sarcasm).

Mac, seems to me that anyone who can abide Marmite on peanut butter should be just fine with the idea of mustard on same. :)

I think if I was forced at gunpoint to choose between mustard-marmite and peanut-butter-marmite I might go with the bullet. Im not sure of it


Marianne, I'm not sure I can abide Marmite on peanut butter. I may find out. The idea of it and the idea of mustard and peanut butter strike me as pretty comparable. Comparably weird.

I'm really wondering about the proportions of Marmite and peanut butter in the new product. I can sort of imagine a lot of p.b. and a touch of M not being too bad.

So I tried it. I spread peanut butter on a piece of bread (a small piece), not too thick, then spread a small amount of Marmite over that and sort of spread it all around until the two were mixed. And it was actually pretty good. Basically very salty peanut butter. I didn't try to be precise but it was probably at least a 4-to-1 ration of pb to M, maybe more.

A friend of mine from England is coming to visit later this month. I'm going to see if he can bring me a jar.

One of my college roommates like peanut butter with pickles. I tried it once -- wasn't horrible but didn't really appeal to me. I do like a peanut butter and bacon sandwich, preferably on toast. It's something my mother occasionally gave us when we were little and I've liked it ever since. I have no idea where she came up with it, however, as it doesn't spring to mind as a natural combination.

Indeed not. Doesn’t strike me as horrible, but not appealing either. Sounds like something they would recommend for someone who needs to gain weight.

A friend of mine once wrote in an email that she and her grandchildren had enjoyed a nice lunch of peanut butter, mayonnaise, and lettuce sandwiches, and I practically gagged just reading about them. I just did a bit of searching and I guess they're sort of a thing now. Also found this article, "A Forgotten Southern Sandwich":

Through the hardships of the Great Depression and the lean years that followed, peanut butter and mayonnaise kept many struggling households afloat. They were also the ingredients in a sandwich that was once as popular as peanut butter and jelly in parts of the South.
And there's a mention of bacon:
In 1948, the Salt Lake Tribune advised readers to “moisten” peanut butter with mayonnaise before mixing it with bacon and smearing it onto a protein-packed sandwich.

I'm laughing out loud. When did peanut butter need "moistening"?!? The article suggests it was pretty stout stuff back then. But now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure I remember people putting mayonnaise on the bread when making a pb sandwich.

Was mayonnaise cheaper than jelly?

I notice they show Duke's mayonnaise in that article. It's the best.

I used to grind peanuts at the health food store to make pb. It was really thick, and could have done with a bit of mayo to moisten it. Maybe it was like that in '48.

I don't think I even knew about Duke's until I moves to Mississippi. It must not have crossed into Tennessee.


That’s odd, as it comes from South Carolina.

My friend arrived from England last night and he gave me the Marmite PB, which I tried this morning. Basically, it tastes like very salty peanut butter with a slight hint of Marmite's yeastiness. Not bad, although I certainly wouldn't want it with jelly on a sandwich. I can easily see eating it on toast or crackers, however.

It's a little bit reminiscent of some of those Asian dishes that combine peanuts with soy sauce. There's one Thai dish in particular that comes to mind, which I don't know the name of, that has a sauce that is a spicy soy-peanut concoction.

"very salty peanut butter" was my reaction to my homemade test of the combination. Definitely wouldn't work with jelly. But then neither would Marmite alone.

I've wondered about the use of peanuts in Thai food. I guess that means they are native to that part of the world, which surprises me.

I wondered about the same thing, and apparently they're found all over the world in tropical and subtropical areas. The sauce I was thinking of is called "satay."

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