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It pleases me too. It's a beautiful edition. I've got price watches on some of these volumes, and when second hand ones comes up in the <$15 range I tend to snap them up. I've been collecting the Jeeves and Blandings novels, for the most part.

In the past few years I've been reading 5 or 6 Wodehouse novels a year, and it's been good medicine for me.

At my age I shouldn’t be collecting books, but I do plan to get the rest of the Blandings stories. The one (or two?) I’ve read were as good as J&W. One of my tactics involves putting them on an Amazon wish list so anyone feeling obliged to give me a present has an easy solution.

Surely one is never too old to buy a book!

I have been greatly enjoying the Blandings books. Just this morning I began reading "Pigs Have Wings". Even the dust jacket's plot blurb is a riot.

Oh, not to buy *a* book, certainly. But to start a long-running collecting project.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read Pigs Have Wings and loved it.

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