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Agree 100%, even to the point of having a mild qualm regarding the ending. I thought all the race stuff was handled remarkably well, and as you say, in a much more mature and balanced way than it usually is. (On that score it reminds of the way "religion" was handled in Rectify.

Speaking of which, I most recently watched Mrs. Wilson, a three-part British series based on the true story of a woman who was married to a man in the secret service who turned out to have many secrets of his own. Ruth Wilson is excellent playing her own real-life grandmother, a role which must have been very strange to take on. And there is a religious subplot, in that the chief male character, Alexander Wilson, was Catholic and his wife and her family Anglican. The importance of this is minor at the beginning but grows as the show progresses.

I'm embarrassed to say that I watched Mrs. Wilson and liked it, but have totally forgotten the religious subplot. Maybe I should watch it again. I like Ruth Wilson and yes, it must have been quite strange for her.

I definitely have to watch this. Im starting asap on season 2 so that I can get to season 3. I just cannot skip straight through. The world would go into bits.

Yes, it would. Stand your ground. I’m currently at risk of doing something almost as bad. I watched the first episode of Lonesome Dove and am not sure I want to finish it.

No I cannot cope with starting and not finishing.

I remember enjoying the Lonesome Dove miniseries back when it was originally on television. However, now having read the book I would bet trying to watch that old TV version would just seem kind of dated, despite how great Robert Duvall was as Gus McCrae.

It's not terrible, but it does seem very dated. And very TV in a bad way, compared to things that are being done now. But the big thing is that it has this kind of almost light-hearted vibe that doesn't seem true to the book, though plot-and-character-wise it is.

Part of it is an upbeat and fairly intrusive sound track that sounds more like it should be in an episode of Wagon Train or Bonanza or something.

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