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Block headedness


You are better looking for a word ending in ty than ness

Either is fine. But what I'm thinking of is not a species of stupidity. I really don't think there is a single word for it. Indifference is not too far off, neither is lukewarmness, but they don't carry the sense of willful disregard that I'm thinking of.


Indifference was a more or less technical term of abuse in 19th century papal polemics against liberalism. To them, indifference means what we would call relativism or what the average Joe might call adiaphora


Didn't they call it indifferentism? I've seen that somewhere or other. I guess it would have been a translation anyway.

Nonchalance is an element of what I'm talking about, but as with all the other words it isn't sufficient by itself.


Nonchalant and impious indifference comes close.

What I wanted to put into one word is something like this: "Continuing to consider oneself part of the Church, even to participate in its day-to-day activities, even in a clerical capacity, but giving clear evidence that one doesn't take seriously its claims and one's obligations to it, and by extension to God."

"Feckless" comes fairly close.

I was just about to suggest feckless.

I also thought of pig-headed, fat-headed and vacuous.

Also simply egotistical.

Vacuous definitely has a place. But I'm clearly going to have to give that whole idea a sentence of its own, or else just let it go.



Excellent suggestion.

Somnabulism wouldn't seem to include willfulness though. I kind of like "feckless somnambulism." It's two words, but hey...

"Feckless indifference" is also good.

I think a sentence including "feckless indifference to..." would get it.

I often look at the posts on a blog kept by an Orthodox priest (who was once an Anglican priest) and today I found this there that made me think of what you wrote about folks who don't "take seriously [the Church's] claims and one's obligations to it, and by extension to God":

It’s odd. I know priests who fought tooth and nail to move their altars and assume a West-facing position in the Mass (these were Anglicans), who, at the same time, did not believe the Creed, much less the traditional moral teaching of the faith. How is it, one must ask, that they were so damned certain about which way to face when they prayed, when they weren’t even certain that anybody was listening?
Anyway, is that something other than indifference? To me, the word means not caring one way or the other about something.

I'd certainly say that's very different from indifference. I don't know exactly what it is. I've never encountered that type before. I know some people who are super-sticklers for liturgical rubrics but they are also sticklers for dogma and are very serious about the whole Catholic package. The Anglicans I've ever known who were fairly slack about doctrine were fairly slack about everything. I mean, they might approach liturgy with a good eye for aesthetics, but that wasn't for the sake of keeping traditional practices about the position of the altar etc.

Feckless indifference is good

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