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Interesting Item for Twin Peaks Fans

Some intriguing comments from Mark Frost at the Welcome to Twin Peaks web site, which I guess I should look at more often. On The Return:

The themes we were looking at were different. All of that is reflected in the show. I think it’s an older and somewhat sadder and wiser look at the world.

I found the third season somewhat disappointing, but that wasn't the reason. I guess my criticisms are worse, really, because what disappointed me were some of the specific artistic moves. The minimizing of Agent Tammy Preston's role, for instance, for which Mark Frost's book The Secret History of Twin Peaks raised expectations. 

And I don't know about "wiser." Darker, for sure. 


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Yeah, it's funny. I liked it rather than disliked it overall, but I'm in no hurry to rewatch it (although I imagine I'll do so at some point). For me it turned out to be less than the sum of its notably excellent parts.

I've been wanting to see it again, but didn't want to pay to rent again on Amazon. After I posted this, it occurred to me to see if it's available on DVD from Netflix. It is, so I'll be watching it again in the not too distant future.

I'd say liked more than disliked, too, but still...disappointing. One big thing I missed was the whimsy of some parts of the original, but I guess Frost's explanation accounts for that, or at least some of it.

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