My Contribution to KOVID Konfusion
Since you can't go to Mass today...


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This morning, Rachel posted a picture of the Cafe du Monde empty. So haunting. The Cafe of the World is empty.

The man who took the picture has 42 other shots of NOLA empty.


Wow. That would be striking indeed. I've never seen it when it wasn't completely packed.

All the entrances and stairways are covered in posters of forthcoming events. It’s very poignant to see them going in and out of the building

I can imagine. I’m beginning to feel a real sense of malaise, and I’m not even being affected very much personally.

Went to the local county park yesterday. Lots of people--individuals, couples, families--on the trail. Some returned a"hi" when you passed, some didn't.

This is a striking image: "Nighthawks" without the people:

I went to a local state park a couple times over the weekend. On Friday evening the spring peepers were out in full force -- I texted that to my sister and her response was 'the peeper may be out but the people aren't." :)


That really is a striking image.

Starting in about February, the peepers around our property were exceptionally raucous. It must be really froggy out there.

I have probably spent more time outside in the past 10 days, than in the previous 10 months.


Peepers who need peepers.

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