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That's "mobile" as in The Who's song, "mo" as in "mo better," "bile" as in liver. I am at long last trying out one of TypePad's mobile-friendly templates. I know I dislike reading this blog on a phone, and I figure other people do, too. I've created a partial copy of this blog which you can view at https://lightondarkwater.typepad.com/tester/. It's strictly a test now--the banner image doesn't appear properly, for one thing. And I don't necessarily plan to stick with those colors. Basically at this point I just want to know if it's a big improvement in readability. I'd also like to know if you think the larger typeface is more readable on your computer, if you're reading it that way. Comments are closed (I hope) because I don't want to have them on both blogs. Thanks for any assistance. 


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It's definitely easier to read. I usually just read in landscape.


Ok, thank you. That tells me a lot, that you read in landscape.

I like the bigger typeface, but I'm not fond of the font. It seems sort of busy to me -- or crowded, somehow.

That's just the default for the template. I don't even know what it is. I haven't tinkered with it yet, but I plan to. I guess I'm going to switch, though it will take some work. It's probably way overdue.

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