Does the Pope Believe in the Resurrection?
Breathless: Chasing Promises


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I keep trying to say something about this, but then I get sad.

I really like the second quote, though.


Yeah, I'm probably not going to say anything else about it. Not much point in doing so except the increasingly meager satisfaction of articulating certain things.

The second quote is what I aspire to, but I feel like I only see what the Eye lets me see in the Palantir...

It describes what comes fairly naturally to me. Not entirely, but fairly. But the times are very much against that temperament.

Yes, and that makes it really hard to feel like you can talk to anybody about situations like this where everyone is so convinced of one opinion or the other. If you try to point out the truth of something the opposing side is saying, they immediately jump to the conclusion that you are a racist/liberal, take your pick, and can't hear you.

I don't know if the news has gotten around, but our mayor sat down with the leaders of the protests yesterday, and had a rather amazing press conference, and they have set up four further weekly meetings. All-in-all, the protests have been much more orderly here-more like MLK, less like a mob.


I just started a re-read of Lasch's The Revolt of the Elites (1995) and it's amazing how prescient he was about all of this, especially the divisiveness of what passes for political discourse.

I've been thinking seriously of reading that. The title certainly suggests that it's on target.

Protests and reactions here have been similar to what you describe, Janet.

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