A 9/11 Note
Remarkable Insight On My Part


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You should drive to where there are more bars!

It wouldn’t help much. I need a real keyboard to type more than a short message.

Glad you came through it okay!

Thanks. By some measures there was more damage here than from any storm since we moved here in 1992. More trees down anyway. In the past it’s never taken more than about a day for power to be restored. A lot of people, including me, had gotten complacent and were not prepared.

Glad electwicity on and yall are ok!

Thank you!

"You should drive to where there are more bars!"

Preferably a bar where there are more bars.

That’s actually what I thought Robert meant at first. :-) As a matter of fact I went to Fairhope Brewing a couple of days ago in part to use their WiFi. I may take my laptop there this afternoon.

"That’s actually what I thought Robert meant at first. :-) "

I figured as much. Great minds and all. :)

Well, that's what I thought too, but I am not sure it's because I have a great mind.


"That’s actually what I thought Robert meant at first."

As an artist once said to me when I asked him what his picture was, "It mean what you want it to mean."

That's heavy.

"It mean what you want it to mean."

Pretty much describes our civil (ahem) discourse.


It’s no longer true that people can have their own opinions but not their own facts.

What goes along with this is the weird idea of many modern people that facts simply speak for themselves and need no interpreting. While it's true that this is sometimes the case, it's by no means a universal occurrence. Yet in arguments people will just throw out a group of facts as if the mere listing of them somehow makes the case by itself. The idea that facts can often be read in more ways than one does not seem to occur to them.

At least they acknowledge the existence of facts. I’m still shocked by the people who saw the video of the Covington Catholic episode, the one shot by the “Israelites”, and were completely unfazed by the way it contradicted the original story.

To paraphrase that famous line from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, when the narrative becomes fact, stick with the narrative.

It seems to work for them. At least to the extent of keeping them fired up.

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